BHF Conference 2015

BHF Conference 2015


Conference Theme

Healthcare Accountability: Partnering for Success

Conference Objectives

Coordinate the industry in developing a roadmap for a healthcare system for the next generation to meet growing demand for high-quality healthcare

Programme Summary

The theme for the 2015 BHF Annual Conference was Healthcare Accountability: Partnering for Success. The conference sort to highlight the role of policy makers, patients, service providers, funders and the public sector. The aim was to come up with practical strategies that will challenge the industry to take accountability and change the current status quo, by collectively designing a path that can aid our transformation and evolution. This path will be a “best-effort”, under the current conditions of uncertainty, which will be captured in the form of a roadmap that plots our route to where we want to be two, five and 10 years from now.

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BHF Conference 2015 Presentations


Ethical Leadership: The key roles and responsibilities: Cynthia Schoeman |Download Here|

Transformation in Healthcare: Are we there yet? : Thulani Matsebula |Download Here|

Governance Transformation Readiness Survey: Alexander Forbes in partnership with BHF: Anthea Towert |Download Here|

The quality of our healthcare: What the HQA 2015 results tell us and is it enough: Dr Johann van Zyl |Download Here|

The Legal Status of CMS Circulars What regulatory framework are we working with?: Paul Midlane |Download Here|

Analysing the structure and nature of medical scheme design in South Africa: Shivani Ranchod |Download Here|

Risk Pooling and Consolidation: Adam Lowe |Download Here|

Review of health information systems: The impact of disruptive technologies: Reg Magennis | Hubert Wentzel: |Download Here|

A call to action: Launch of the first Draft Roadmap Sustainable Healthcare through Accountability: Dr Tebogo Phaleng |Download Here|

SA Healthcare Market forces and Transformation BHF July 2015 – Monday Morning: Dr Brian Ruff: |Download Here|


Eradicating Fraud Waste and Abuse in the System 50 shades of fraud – the naked truth: Advocate Ashika Lucken |Download Here| Dr Hleli Nhlapo |Download Here|

Rethinking Medical Scheme Reserving: Roshan Bhana |Download Here|

Medical schemes – a vehicle to improve employee health?: Jane Ball |Download Here|

Measuring Healthcare Accountability: Accountability Matrix: Dr Ali Hamdulay |Download Here|

Low cost options: a trigger for health access reform: Paresh Prema |Download Here|

Case Study: Collaboration towards better health outcomes for high-risk patients: Dr Hendrik Hanekom and Mr Paul Hendey |Download Here|

Provider reformation under a value-based purchasing system: Dr Brian Ruff |Download Here|

The Provider-driven strategy that will fix healthcare – A South African model case study: Grant Newton |Download Here|

Sustaining healthcare through regional integration (SADC): Shylet Sanyanga |Download Here|

How interoperability between healthcare information systems improves outcomes and reduces costs of patient centric care: Lapo Bertini |Download Here|


Ethics: Assisted Suicide: Dr Mzukisi Grootboom |Download Here|

HPCSA’s view on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide: Professor Samuel Mokgokong |Download Here|

Creating access through collaboration: Oncology Treatment Protocols: Dr Waldemar Szpak |Download Here|

Rethinking the approaches to access essential medicine: Gavin Steel |Download Here|

Negotiated Tariffs for 2016: Stephen Harrison |Download Here|