Welcome to the 5th Annual Titanium Awards

With increased access to healthcare and improved quality healthcare services a priority across the world, the 2019 edition of the Titanium Awards puts the spotlight on four key areas: ACCESS; QUALITY; LEADERSHIP; and THE HEALTH CITIZEN. 

This year the awards seek to recognise and honour professionals and organisations driving change by creating affordable, accessible and sustainable healthcare throughout the Southern Africa region.

With an overall of five categories, the awards have evolved since their inception in 2014. This year, the AWARDS will cast a spotlight upon organisations and individuals who are dedicated to providing programmes and initiatives that are creating access to healthcare services by introducing the Titanium Award for Excellence in creating Access to Healthcare.

By recognising service excellence and celebrating the success of both individual and business contributions to the healthcare industry in southern Africa, the awards seek to achieve the following objectives:

  • Improve the quality of health services
  • Create a platform that unites the healthcare industry
  • Demonstrate best practice

Recognise application of best practice in action – with an emphasis on initiatives that are well rounded, sustainable, holistic and responsible.

By recognizing benchmarks for exceptional performance, the 5th Titanium Awards will be presented at the 20th Annual BHF Southern African Conference on the 22nd of July at CTICC in Cape Town.

The 5th Titanium Awards will continue to drive standards and service delivery which in the long term will help build a more effective healthcare industry overall.

About the awards

The Titanium Awards recognises excellence in the public and private healthcare sector in Southern Africa, recognising those leading healthcare organisations, facilities and individuals who are pushing healthcare boundaries through partnerships and collaboration to create access to healthcare services and drive healthcare transformation.

Award categories

There are six categories recognizing excellence in creating access to healthcare, service excellence to members, clients and patients, as well as young and lifetime achievers and recognition of best media healthcare content.

Last Year's Winners

We congratulate the winners of last year's Titanium Awards and applaud their ongoing contributions to healthcare excellence in South Africa.