Award Categories

“A wise man should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings, and learn how by his own thought to derive benefit from his illnesses.” – Hippocrates

1. Titanium Award for Excellence in creating Access to Healthcare

This award is open to all organisations in the healthcare sector, including; CSI programmes, SMMEs, medical schemes, administrators, pharmaceutical professionals, managed care companies, healthcare professionals, non-profit and government agencies dedicated to creating access to healthcare for communities. The award seeks to honour private and public sector, as well as non-profit or non-governmental organisations driving programmes, initiatives and campaigns that create access to healthcare for communities.

2. Titanium Award for Best Healthcare Media Content

This award seeks to honour health journalists/reporters for content published as well as their contributions towards raising awareness of healthcare issues across society. The category acknowledges health journalists/reporters across any medium for significant impact to society on health issues through their reporting.

3. Titanium Award for Health Facilities (Hospitals, Primary care, etc.)

Private sector and public sector

This award recognises individual healthcare facilities in the public and private sectors. This award acknowledges innovations and systems efficiency in the deliver of quality healthcare.

4. Titanium Award for Young Achiever

This award celebrates young professionals who have made notable impact in the healthcare industry. The award also seeks to promote effective succession within the sector to sustain the future of the medical profession.

5. Titanium Award for Service to Membership: Open, Closed & Self- Administered Medical Schemes, Administrators and Managed Care Organisations

This award recognises and rewards medical schemes (open, restricted and self-administered), administrators and managed care organisations providing the best service to their members. It celebrates industry excellence and unprecedented contributions to members by providing value for money.