Our Value Proposition

Our Value Proposition

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1. Represent Member Interests

  • Lobbying and advocating policy position on behalf of our members
  • Assist members with regulatory compliance
  • Provide legal advice to membership on industry issues
  • Assist in containing healthcare costs
  • Identify and monitor trends impacting our members
  • Protect the image of the industry

2 . Create Platforms for Member Engagement

  • Promote unity and collaboration by creating platforms that enable our members to engage with BHF and  participate in industry issues
  • Create networking opportunities
  • Engage and develop relationships with key stakeholders

3.  Develop Industry Standards

  • Promote best practice in the healthcare funding industry
  • Promote healthcare quality
  • Identify and recognise key role players in the industry

4.  Facilitate Education and Training

  • Provide stewardship and facilitate thought leadership exchange on industry issues
  • Enhance skills and knowledge within our membership
  • Provide guidance
  • Progress tracking reports on industry issues
  • Promote stakeholder, consumer awareness and medical scheme member education

5. Transformation through Development

  • Identify opportunities to drive transformation in the industry
  • Graduate programme development

6 . Provide and Identify Opportunities

  • Profile our members and our industry