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BHF Dialogue 20/20 Series

We are excited to invite you to the first BHF Dialogue 20/20 series scheduled to take place on the 29th July 2020.

This session forms part of a six-series of virtual dialogue that seeks to connect the healthcare industry to enable engagement and facilitate collaboration on issues impacting the healthcare ecosystem now.

Our Broader Context

With the coronavirus outbreak, healthcare systems are facing an unprecedented global crisis, with infection rates increasing meteorically, with no end date in sight.

The pandemic has grown from local to global in a few months and this has accelerated opportunities for multisectoral collaboration and clinician teamwork, as many health systems lack the experience in handling global pandemics. It is clear; we are all in this together!

Theme Summary

The theme for the 1st Series: Reorganising our healthcare ecosystem – Putting the patient first.

As the number of lives impacted by COVID-19 continually increase in the continent, the pandemic consumes more medical resources.  As such, efforts in the healthcare sector are to reorganise and sustain the ecosystem to meet the needs of the health citizens’ now.

Series 1 – 29 July 2020

This session consists of a multisectoral panel and will be facilitated by Dr Khama Rogo, Lead Health Sector Specialist, World Bank, and will address current concerns from each sector and innovative solutions on how we can balance priorities in a pressured and high-risk environment.


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Series 2 – 4 August 2020

The theme of our second session is: Innovation driving healthcare delivery.

COVID-19 has evocatively revealed fundamental truths, illustrating just how vulnerable healthcare systems are, with era-defining strains on capacity and delivery. Most health systems cannot keep up with the demand, stretching operational limits, creating shortages of nearly everything: masks, gloves, ventilators, ICU beds etc.


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Series 3 – 12 August 2020

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Series 4 – 19 August 2020

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Series 5 – 2 September 2020

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Series 6 – 9 September 2020

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